DC public charter schools provide students and families with quality options

The Facts 

In school year 2017-2018, 66 nonprofits will operate 120 schools that educate students who live all across Washington, DC. 

Background and Trends 

  • The number of students attending public charter school has stabilized in recent years, while citywide enrollment has increased
  • Public charter schools serve a student body that is equally or at times more disadvantaged
  • Proficiency for public charter schools has increased steadily over the last ten years
  • We're committed to rigorous oversight, leading to closure or improvement of low-performing schools and expansion of high-performing schools
  • Our oversight has led to record-high attendance rates along with large reductions in suspensions and expulsions  

“We chose to send our child to a public charter school because it is the best program and fit for our child. We love the project — and arts — based curriculum that allows our child to grow. She loves going to school!” – Michelle Martin, Parent of a public charter school student

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