The DC Public Charter School Board is committed to rigorous oversight, leading to closure or improvement of Tier 3 or low-performing schools and expansion of Tier 1 or high-performing schools

Most public charter schools with a Tier 3 rating on DC PCSB's School Quality Report have closed 

Each year, we evaluate the academic performance of every public charter school in Washington, DC. These evaluations are compiled into School Quality Reports, which are used to rate schools into Tiers 1, 2 or 3, with 1 being the best. See this table for outcomes of schools rated Tier 3: data.  See this table for a list of all school closures here.

DC PCSB has approved to grow most public charter schools with a Tier 1 rating on our School Quality Report

Note:  Expansion includes a new campus or new grades after first year of Tier 1 status.  Enrollment increases indicates if enrollment ceiling (maximum number of students a school can enroll) increased in recent years.  See data.