We've seen large reductions in suspensions and expulsions and record attendance rates

For parents, the attendance and discipline performance of their child's school is important. Each day, we collaborate with our public charter schools to incorporate common-sense policies aimed at increasing attendance and reducing out-of-school discipline rates across public charter schools. Transparency is our most important tool: we share information among schools to encourage better performance, and, in turn, we provide more information to parents and students.

Public charter school suspension and expulsion rates rose slightly following 4 consecutive years of decline 

Large declines in out-of-school suspensions
See data.
Expulsion rates have steadily declined
Rates are based on Equity Report business rules. See data.
... and in-seat attendance is at record highs

In-seat attendance is the rate at which students are present in the school building, and includes both excused and unexcused absences. See data.